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I was named after a  mysterious man who would appear in our village every 100 years. The crops would be overabundant, our water wells would overflow, our illnesses would be healed.  While he was there life became near to Paradise. We never knew his real name but he would tell our chief to just call him Joshua. I was the first baby to be born during Joshua’s last visit to our village. So I was blessed with being named for this man. It is still an honor. #JustKidding #FakeNews 

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Inspirational Images

 It is difficult for many to clear your mind of images you have seen throughout the day. Images from the news, the television, the newspapers, etc...all of them can cause nightmares, frustration, and inner turmoil.  This page is for all to post images that have helped them become calm, to have pleasant dreams, and to be able to feel at peace once more. I invite you all to post any and all images that follow the Rules in order to share with others. This is an open page and is open to all looking for images of beauty and peace. Thank you for joining me for your #inspirational #dreaming #bedtime images!  

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